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  • Boraq

    Boraq is the nominal capital of [[Chomune]] on the western coast of [[Al Thaq]]. The regent of Boraq resides in the [[OldBuq Castle]]. [[Hajjaj Al Hajjaj]] rules Boraq with the [[Obsidian Flame]] as the symbol of his power. The [[Obsidian Flame]] is …

  • Gulgarz

    The [[Horned Tower]] of Gulgarz lies at the center of [[Shi Kazar]].

  • Ithriglia

    Ithriglia is a small [[Drow]] outpost in [[UnderThal]], located somewhere beneath [[Hain]]. The Ithrigli carry on a lucrative trade with the surface populace of [[Hain]], the [[Tabazi]] of the [[Pridelands]], and with the [[City of Seven]]. One group of …

  • Icering Peaks

    The Icering Peaks surround the [[Boileum]] near the [[North Pole]]. The Peaks are all but impenetrable on foot, and most reach up through the clouds.

  • Boileum

    The Boileum is a vast steam lake near the North Pole that is heated by subterranean fires of unknown origin. The lake is surrounded by the [[Icering Peaks]].

  • Thon

    Long Name: The Thon Empire Capital: [[Kura]] Land: [[Thest]] Who: When: [[Post-Det]] Enemies: Allies: Notes: This "empire" of sweeping grasslands is inhabited by tribes of horse riding [[Pre-Det]] descended barbarians. [[Kura]] is little more than …

  • Gesius

    The city of Gesius lies at an important crossroads in [[Moraldi]]. Running east-to-west through the city is the [[Moraldi High Road]], while [[Jordan's Road]] runs south to [[Lafendil]]. There is another lesser traveled elf-path that runs north into the …

  • Lafendil

    The town of Lafendil lies upon two important types of crossroads in the Kingdom of [[Moraldi]]. First, it lies upon [[Jordan's Road]] and connects the dwarven citadel of [[Zerek Chegga]] and the [[Chadduka]] Kingdom to the rest of Moraldi. But it also …

  • Gom

    Gom is a planet that consists of a number of continents and oceans. Some of the continents in the northern hemisphere include [[Thune]], [[Thal]], and [[Thest]]. The northern hemisphere is called [[Noa Gom]]. One of the continents in the southern …

  • Duiver Yadogoth

    Duiver Yadogoth is an [[UnderThal]] city ruled by [[Deep Gnomes]]. Trade with [[Turton]] is quite lucrative.

  • Plateau City

    Plateau City was build by Dwarves on the northern edge of the Plateau of [[Romovaer]] in Thal.

  • Hornrock

    Hornrock is the home of a small tribe of [[Korred]]. Current residents include [[Sorkem Kailathodula]], who has a brown beard, and [[Derrot Nadamk'k'k]], who has a blonde beard. "Hornrock seems like a good place to sing!" One reason the [[Korred]] are …

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